Mask Ventilation

Mask Ventilation

How to use the face mask for effective ventilation


Mask ventilation of small children can be quite difficult, mainly when they are in prone position. Proper positioning of head and shoulder and the right technique to hold the face mask will help.

Why do it
Lying prone the big head will bend the neck and put the head towards the breast. Together with the relaxation of the tongue and the muscles of the pharynx this can obstruct the airways

How to do it
Before starting mask ventilation put a small roll under the child’s shoulder and stabilize the head with a head ring. This put the head into a sniffing position and will open the child’s airway.  Hold the face mask with your thumb and index finger and use the rest of your fingers to elevate smoothly the child’s chin.

How to do it right. The fine points
Do not use too much pressure in elevating the chin, because the region under the chin is soft and sensible to pain. Using hard pressure can cause unplanned movement, coughing and even airway obstruction. Use soft pressure and put your small finger smoothly on the ramus of the mandible to lift the chin.

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